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Meet the Teachers


天王寺区 英会話 クレア先生

クレア先生(Ms. Clare)

British flag.png




ネイティブ英語の習得を目指します! ⼤阪弁ペラペラ、⽇本が⼤好きな先⽣です!!



Hello, my name is Clare and I'm from the United Kingdom. I have lived in Japan for 14 years, and have two young children. My hobbies are astronomy, writing, reading and camping.

I have more than a decade's experience for teaching natural, useful British English, and my passion is to engage students in a fun, creative and active way.

I hope to help children understand and see the world in a new and exciting way! English is a key that unlocks the world!

ターシャ先生(Ms. Tāsha)

nz flag.png

[略歴]  大手インターナショナルスクール(マネージャー職)4年以上、アフタースクール英語講師、ESL講師等の豊富な経験。

こんにちは、ナターシャです。ニュージーランド生まれです。 私は複数の国で多文化的な背景の下に育ちました。 前職でも数年に渡って子供たちと関わってきて、保育の重要性を学びました。私は語学を勉強するのが好きで、日本語と英語を話す生活を楽しんでいます。 また心身の鍛錬を大切にしており、時間がある時にはよくジムに通っています。


Hello, I'm Natāsha. I was born in New Zealand, and am from a multicultural background, growing up in over 3 countries.

I've been working with children for many years. Childcare & safety is at the core of why I became an educator. I like studying language and enjoy my life speaking Japanese & English. A strong mind & body is important so in my free time I'm often at the gym.

ミサキ先生(Ms. Misaki)

japan flag.png

[略歴]  国内外のインターナショナルスクール英語講師として10年以上従事。幼少期~大学まで海外で過ごした為、英語は完全ネイティブレベル。


Hello, my name is Misaki. I was born in Japan, but I grew up in Bahrain. My college major was arts, and I hold a diploma in English teaching. Since I am a mom myself, I enjoy teaching children. With over ten years of teaching experience, I constantly look for ways I can grow and get better as a teacher.
In my free time, I like to go hiking, play jenga with my family, and spend time with them. I'm excited to be your teacher, and let’s have a great time in the classroom.

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